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Get your songs Professionally Recorded, Produced,
Mixed and Mastered, ready for release, at Soundshed Music

Make your Songs a reality, in a warm, friendly environment
The SONG and the VOCALS are by far the most important part of any recording.

At Soundshed Music we specialise in working with you to get the best out of
your SONG and your VOCALS first, before we add further production.

Without a great song and a stunning vocal, you are selling your song and yourself short.

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At Soundshed Music we have been helping many songwriters
realise their musical dream for over twenty years

Whether you are an Indie Artist planning to go on tour with a swag of CD's for sale,
or a stay-at-home Songwriter who needs to have your songs recorded, we have the World-Class facility, advice, expertise and passion to guide you through the whole process.

From songwriting to pre-production to recording, right on to artwork and CD manufacture, we'll be with you all the way.

We are equally comfortable with professional artists with commercial releases, or fresh newcomers to the recording process. It's an exciting, rewarding journey for all of us!


Listen to some samples of music produced with us:

Artist - Cletis Carr
Song - I Don't Know

Cletis finished recording an e.p. at Soundshed.
He wanted to create a sound similar to Ryan Adams' album 'Ashes & Fire' - nice choice!
This song is my particular favourite of mine - and yes, he really is for the U.s. - that's not a pretend accent:)
I used M/S stereo micing on his guitars to achieve a full guitar sound that would fill up the sparse stereo image.

Cletis comments "... I recorded my seventh release, Stones at Soundshed: a five track EP. We went for a pure acoustic sound with a live feel and minimal overdubs. Stewart's intuition and natural song-sense was invaluable in helping me find the right flavour for the tracks - and Freddie the Dog's bark at the end of one of the takes will be featured in the re-mastered director's cut, available on picture disc and 8-track cartridge :) "


Artist - Steve Jewell Trio
Song - Hesitation Blues

Steve Jewell Trio is a Piano, Double Bass and Drums Jazz ensemble. Mainly instrumental, but this track features Greg McClain the drummer on vocals.

Steve Jewell added "Soundshed Music offers a friendly service for all aspiring recording artists including myself who are a bit nervous about performing in a  recording studio.They have a lovely grand piano and they put you at ease as much as is possible in a recording situation."


Artist - Ghost Train
Song - Alice in Wonderland'

We produce a lot of acoustic music, but Ghost Train is anything but acoustic! Everything louder than everything else! So much fun working with these guys - crank it up guys and we'll meet you at the end :)
One track from Ghost Train's latest recording at Soundshed Music,
titled 'Alice In Wonderland'. Punk/ garage/ psychedelic rock! Gotta love the mayhem.


If you'd like any more info on any of the Artists featured on this website,
just email us We're always glad to help promote our Artists.

There are many, many songwriters out there
and every one of them these days has their own CD

As a songwriter you need a recording that stands out from the crowd and reflects your originality

Songs are about emotion - if your song doesn't convey emotions, then it's meaningless and it's missed the point.

Soundshed Music is run by husband and wife team Stewart Peters and Snez, who are both deeply passionate about Writing, Producing and Recording dynamic, inspiring songs that convey all the emotion you intended.

Indie Recording Artists need to feel safe enough to take risks with their music; the kind of risks that will make their music unique and will stand-out from the rest of the crowd.

Whether you are workshopping Demos, recording a single song or a Full Album for International release, Soundshed Studio is your state-of-the-art recording facility. We've taken great care to ensure that your comfort and therefore your performance quality and creative flow are top priority. All the hi-tech stuff is kept as transparent as possible.

We can deliver any musical style you need: Folk, Rock, Pop, Country, Hard Rock, Bush Bands. We've even produced many Kids' Albums and 'Block-Buster style' Big Band productions.

Your songs will be produced to a World-class, professional standard; ready for Independent Commercial CD or ONLINE release or submission to Publishers, Record Companies, Song Competitions, Film or TV broadcast.

Our studio's instrument list includes guitars, bass, drums, Yamaha Grand piano, keyboards, percussion, mandolin and more (see our About Us page for a detailed list). And we specialise in adding vocals for you if you need - all recorded in world-class quality.


Our Rates

We charge $990 per song (AUD). If you only need a simple arrangement i.e. guitar and vocals, or piano and vocals, we can negotiate an hourly rate.

Our rates include Stewart Peters as your Engineer, Producer and highly experienced Session Musician. At Soundshed Music, Drums, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards etc are all included.


Some Quotes from Clients at Soundshed:

"it's such a rewarding experience to see a song come to life with a special Producer's touch, but good company really tops it off:-)"

"Soundshed Music offers a friendly and professional service for all aspiring recording artists including myself who are a bit nervous about performing in a  recording studio.They have state of the art equipment as well as a lovely grand piano and they put you at ease as much as is possible in a recording situation."

"... with Stewart Peters' amazing talents in songwriting and Production skills ... it has transformed (my song) into a professionally arranged, amazing song I can be proud of ..."

" ... I was able to bring my rough sample to him and we worked through the song bit by bit until I was satisfied with the result I was looking for. A very professional, no rush service ... "

"... the finished product is superb quality and much more than I expected..."

" ... I can only thank Stewart for turning my dreams into reality and making the whole process fun. Good people - great music"

"... I've recorded at many studios in the past, but I want that 'Soundshed sound': that intimate sound of my brushes hitting the snare ..." - session jazz/ folk drummer

(All Quote sources available on request)

Studio Equipment & Instrument List

Go to our About Us page to see a detailed list of our Studio's Equipment


ONLINE Song Production

Go to our Online Song Page to learn about our Online Song Production service. You can have your songs professionally produced 'Remotely', even if you can't get to our studio, using Phone and Email


If you're not a confident performer - or don't even sing

No problem. We are very experienced at getting the best performance from even the most nervous or inexperienced performers.
We can even add lead vocals for you if you're not a singer (usually included in the basic Song rate). We of course take care of all the other instruments for you

Your song will have a choice of guitars, bass, drums, piano and keyboards, percussion, even vocals - all fully professional, commercial release quality. We can deliver any musical style you need: Folk, Rock, Pop, Country, Hard Rock, Bush Bands. We've even produced many Kids' Albums

Soundshed Music is much more than just another
Recording Studio

Soundshed Studio is situated on the NSW mid north coast; far enough removed from city & suburban pressures to help your creative juices flow. Our studio has been developed specifically as a tool for producing powerful songs that touch and excite people. And we're equipped with superb, world-class, professional technology and tools to produce your song as a fully broadcast quality master-track or album



Ph: (02) 6569 5885

Txt: 'songs' to 0419 663 135



– Producer, songwriter an composer